vineri, 26 noiembrie 2010

Sans Subir

Yes, I want to do all that with you.
I want to laugh until we forget how to do it anymore.
I want to caress your smile.
I want to feel your eyes piercing my soul though my back is turned on you.
I want to know the wind is carrying my perfume in your direction.
I want to believe you chose me, as I chose you.
I want to live with you between sky, sea and earth and not care about anything else.
I want to love you without regrets, knowing you deserve every crumb of it.
I want to try to forget you, but never to able to.
I want to always breathe in the air you breathe out ... but that is not possible is it?

I really just then need you to promise me I will be happy someday... without having made any compromises.... though it might not be with you... Promise me I will never regret time spent with you but not spending time with you.... and most of all promise me that if I don't find happiness you will find it for me and send it in the post in an envelope marked SS. (Sans subir)