luni, 14 iunie 2010

I was a dreamer

I was a dreamer... Staring at windows...

This world is full of temptations and though you or I don't see them now, if we're inspired enough to turn our heads we'll notice they're footsteps... No! our head screams smothered by smoke til we can't hear it any more.
What are we doing? What should we do? And ... what could we do?
Intellectuality just weighs hard on my mental health and I'm starting to hate who I've become but the bad part is that I also heated who I used to be.
Where are we going? Where should we go? And ... Where could we go?
The path is steep and I just can't humanly realize which way is the smartest to take. A leaf in the wind captures my slow attention and again I'm lost in this big great woods. And I don't know... I just don't... Should I enjoy it or should I go? Is this a fantasy or a horror?
Who do I love? Who should I love? And ... Who could I love?