duminică, 12 aprilie 2009

Beautiful Death

Can a death be beautiful?

It can be the ending that gives the whole story, the whole life a clear, deep meaning. It can be the thing that propels you into the pages of the history books... But would that really matter to you, I mean after being dead?
Considering you are going to die anyway, why not do it in style and memorably? It is better to die while on top, not having the time to fall in disgrace, never growing old and helpless.When you have reached the top of the world, when nothing grater can be achieved, when you have found the meaning of life, when you have written the greatest work of all times, what are you to do with the rest of your days? They have no use. To die at this point only gives drama and power to your life. It seems as if you have fulfilled your destiny and are freed of this world.

Although just the fact you die is sufficient, the way you die can be of unquestionable romanticism. The feelings wrapping the death may be powerful enough to give it epic dimensions.
People who have died doing the things they have always loved... while having their life fulfilled in every aspect... People who have died fighting for a cause... People who have died trying to make a difference... People who have died together... People who have died...

1. Isadora Duncan was a famous female dancer that died strangled by her immense hand painted silk scarf.

2. Keith Relf - the lead man of the group The Yard birds (the first one on the left) died electrocuted while playing his electric guitar.

I heard about a famous astronomer whose only wish was to see the night sky from the pole (I don't know which one for sure) and after he saw it he fell through a crack in the ice never to be seen again.
My mother also told me a true story about a young couple in her village. She said they were not rich but they loved each other more than anything. The wife was struck by lighting while getting water from the well. The husband in a split of a second rushed to her and grabbed her hand. And they died together.

There are also stupid and unusual deaths, but I was not considering their bizzare nature as much as the way they complete the life of the person in question.