luni, 2 noiembrie 2009

Alone in the Universe

Who am I? … Does this question have an irrelative answer? What am I? Why, by your definition, I am human, but most revealing than your definition I feel that I am human… I feel! Though do these feelings come from my mind? Than is the feeling a prolonged thought … although stretching till the end of your life and further till infinity… I wonder how do we know? We know by guessing? Because all the things we learn must be based on something we KNOW is true. The mind is swirling until it gets dizzy and cannot process any longer… I wonder… Is life certain? Are we not like the memory of a computer ever recording, ever learning from our mistakes until there is no more life left… until our life cycle is over… Are all the other people real or are they part of the simulation? If I did create this fictional specimens that surprise even myself than… I play pranks on myself… how alone I must be…

(Keep telling yourself it's not true ... )