sâmbătă, 12 noiembrie 2011

I need a doctor...

Something is wrong... Something is terribly wrong, but I don't know what? From where? Who? It is as if I'm trapped in a killer card game that never ends. I think I know who the killers are but somehow, when they are awake they convince me otherwise. Where does all this anger in them come from? Why? Who's the master of puppets?
I'm losing my mind... I need a doctor! I feel it in my mind the person I am today will die and the person I will be will not sustain its memory. My mind keeps telling me tomorrow something might happen. I just need to wait for it. When will all finally be perfect? When will the masks fall off? When will I see everybody for who they really are? Why isn't it like that now? I have no patience left and this causes me not to care any more. Why does everything seem to be lies? And if someone shows you where the lies are why do you seem to see the world differently? Why do I want to make people happy? Why do I love every living being? They are all disgusting in the end... and I learn hard lessons everyday. There is no absolute truth... just shades of grey we all fade to... Can't you see how wonderful this world would be without people in it?

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